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Mangaone Caves

Mangaone Caves offers visitors the first time caving experience. At the entrance to the caves, there are wooden steps leading in to the main cavern. There are then two passages accessed by ladders, approximately three metres above the floor of the main cavern. These lead into another cave. One “inhabitant” to look for is the Schizoglossa novoseelandica a predatory species of air-breathing land slug. It is only found in New Zealand, and in a very few places, but the Mangaone Caves is one.

From Wairoa, take SH2, heading to Gisborne.
The Reserve is 40km from Wairoa. After travelling about 4km after Nuhaka, turn off to the left onto Mangaone Valley Road.
Travel 6km up this winding, unsealed road. There is a poled route over farmland and after the first steep section, there are beautiful views of the coast.

Mangaone Caves

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