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Blacks Beach

Blacks Beach is renowned for its surfing and fishing.

Contact: Blacks Beach

Bremdale Garden Of Eden

Visits by appointment only - Bremdale has an atmosphere of old world charm – everywhere there is a perfume and surprises to enhance the beauty of the gardens.

Contact: Bremdale Garden Of Eden
Phone: 06 838 8729

Coast Park Gardens

Coast Park Gardens is a 2.5 hectare country garden and orchard framed by a beautiful backdrop of large deciduous trees.

Contact: Coast Park Gardens

Coronation Reserve

Coronation Reserve, just to the south of the boat ramps at Whangawehi, is where a large number of Maori were baptised into the Christian faith in 1842. The nearby hollow rock was used as a baptismal font and across the road is a recess in the rock face where it is said the records were kept.

Contact: Coronation Reserve


Frasertown is a small settlement with a long history. It was originally an armed constabulary outpost. Frasertown Store is a good place to stop for a cold refreshment on a hot day as well as general household supplies. Frasertown Tavern is a local public house where there is entertainment some weekends. The town once had a theatre and many shops and was a thriving horticultural area in the early days. The cemetery and the Christ Church Anglican Church, which is over 100 years old, are both worth a visit.

Contact: Frasertown

Gaiety Theatre

The Gaiety Theatre was Wairoa’s first cinema. It was originally built in 1928, collapsed in the 1931 Earthquake but was quickly rebuilt.

Contact: Gaiety Theatre
Phone: 06 838 3104

Kahungunu Marae

Kahungunu meeting house at Nuhaka has some magnificent Maori and carving portraying the history and stories of the early people tribes, in the many carving, scroll patterns and panel weaving. It was built and paid for by the church of Jesus Christ of latter day saints as a tribute the local Ngati Rakaipaka, a sub tribe of Ngati Kahungunu who sponsored the annual Easter Conference (hui tai) for the church during the World War 2 years (1940-1945)

Contact: Kahungunu Marae

Lake Waikaremoana

Lake Waikaremoana on the south eastern boundary of the majestic Te Urewera National Park, is 67km from Wairoa and 160km from Rotorua on State Highway 38.

Contact: Waikaremoana

Long River Gallery

The Long River Gallery is open between 10am and 4pm Wednesday to Saturday

Contact: David King
Phone: 021 1484855

Mahanga Beach

Mahanga is a white sandy beach, great for walking, collecting shells and beach fishing.

Contact: Mahanga Beach

Mahia Golf Club

Mahia Peninsula has a very popular 9 hole golf cource located on the isthmus sand dunes of Mahia Beach

Contact: Mahia Golf Club
Phone: 06 837 5700

Mahia Peninsula

Phone: (06) 838 7440

Mahia Scenic Reserve

The Mahia Peninsula Scenic Reserve is another of the “must do” activities when visiting Mahia Peninsula. The reserve is 7kms south of Mahia Beach along Kinikini Road. It is one of the last tracks of lowland coastal forest remaining on the East Coast

Contact: Mahia Scenic Reserve

Mangaone Caves

The Mangaone Caves offers visitors an easy, first time caving experience.

Contact: Mangaone Caves


A diversity of agricultural sights can be seen along this route. For most of the way the Wairoa River can be seen on the left and on either side of the road a variety of farming - sheep, cattle and deer farms.

Contact: Marumaru

Mohaka Coach Road

Following the Mohaka Coach Road takes you through some steep, winding farming country. The road goes through unfenced paddocks, so there may be stock on the road. There are plenty of places to stop for a picnic. The Mohaka Coach Road is a 34km loop road that re-joins SH2 to Napier.

Contact: Mohaka Coach Road

Mokotahi Beach

Mokotahi Beach is very safe for swimming. The Mahia Beach Store is located nearby and there are also public toilets available for use.

Contact: Mokotahi Beach

Morere Scenic Reserve & Hot Springs

The Scenic Reserve and Hot Pools are one of the "Must Do" activities while in the Wairoa District. There are a variety of pools which range in temperature. There are private pools which can be hired for 30minutes and there are public pools which can be used for unlimited time.

Contact: Morere Hot Springs
Phone: 06 837 8856


Nuhaka is 30minutes from Wairoa on State Highway Two.

Contact: Nuhaka

Ohuka Road

The Ohuka Road is sealed to Ohuka settlement. It is hilly and winding, but is a recommended trip. The drive takes you through farming country with breath taking views of the district and Te Urewera Park.

Contact: Ohuka Road


Opoutama Beach, or Blue Bay as it is often known as, is part of the Mahia Peninsula.

Contact: Opoutama Beach

Out on a Lim

Out on a Lim offers outdoor adventures on a farm in Iwitea in the Wairoa District. We offer horse trekking, duck and geese shooting, eeling, fishing, historic walks, preparing and cooking a hangi, camping and much more. Visit our website or Facebook for more information.

Contact: Richard Robinson
Phone: (06) 837 7953

Putere Lakes

Lake Rotonuiaha, Lake Rotoroa and Lake Rotongaio are found on Putere Road

Contact: Putere Lakes

Ruakituri Valley

The valley has a reputation for having some of the best trout fishing in New Zealand. Hunting is another popular pastime. There are a number of places where river access is possible. The areas of native bush lining the hills make it one of the prettiest spots to visit.

Contact: Ruakituri Valley

Shipwreck Memorial

Located in the Pohutukawa Reserve next to Mokotahi Beach.

Contact: Shipwreck Memorial

Te Reinga Falls

Trout fishing in this area is world renowned and the cave system is recorded to be amongst some of the most extensive and fascinating in New Zealand. Rocks in this area are of great interest to the geologist as they are heavily encrusted with ancient shell fossils.

Contact: Te Reinga Falls

Waiatai Reserve

This was once the site of a farmhouse which was damaged in the 1931 Earthquake and subsequently relocated down onto the flats.

Contact: Waiatai Scenic Walk

Waihua Valley Road

Waihua Valley Road is an unsealed, windy, narrow road. The area was originally developed as a Returned Serviceman’s Farming Settlement Scheme.

Contact: Waihua Vally Road


Waikokopu is the site of an old whaling station and anchorage for naval ships.

Contact: Waikokopu


Wairoa is a rural township with a district population of 8200 (2013 Census).

Contact: Wairoa Township

Wairoa Golf Club

This is a lovely 18 hole course in a rural setting, with some obstacles offering a challenge to the golfer.

Contact: Wairoa Golf Club
Phone: 06 838 6000

Wairoa Museum

Contact: Wairoa Museum

Wairoa River Walkway/Cycleway

Contact: Wairoa Information Centre
Phone: 8387440

Whakamahi Beach

Whakamahi Beach is known for its tumultuous surf, black pebbled beach, drift wood and other treasures which the tides leave behind.

Contact: Whakamahi Beach

Willowflat Road

Willowflat Road is well worth viewing, for its spectacular views of forestry plantations and native bush covering the hills and lining the road. There are some tracks in the settlement where it is possible to get access down to the river to fish or picnic.

Contact: Willowflat Road

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